Center of Axle Normally Center Bolt Hole in Bottom Lip
Measure Opening in Tub
Center tub on Mark

Place Tub on Bed Side
Even Lip on Tub with Bottom Bed Lip
Take Fine Point Sharpie - Mark inside of Tub

Using Magnetic Pin Stripper Tape
Place on Bed Side where Plasma will cut 1/8" Outside of Mark
Can also be done with jigsaw with fine tooth Blade

Plasma cut out for Tub
Remove Panel

Place Tub back in hole
Mark Bottom Lip
Bed Side - Saw out for Tub Lip

Take Grinder - Grind 1"
Needs to be Ground all way round where Lip will be Bonded

Deburr back side if using Plasma

Check Fit of Tub

Grind Lip on Tub

Put Lacquer Thinner on Rag, & Clean Tub & Bed Side
Blow off all Lint from Rag

Using 3M Epoxy Metal Bond with Solid Bead
Panel Bond Adhesive 3M #8115

Place Tub back in Bed Side
Line up Lip at Bottom

Begin with Clamps & Heavy steel to set.
Leave overnight to Bond.

Next day Weld Tub Lip to Bottom of Bed Lip

Place board under Bed Lip
Mark outside & inside of board

Board is marked & ready
Used Dremel to clean up edge

Jigsaw cut first mark on board

Grind 1/8" for tub to fit

Stain to match original color.

Boards are finished and ready to install.

This is fitted and installed.

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