This truck was in a Junk Yard & A True Basket Case
So there is hope for them all

Time to get to work on the frame

Now the cab is on a new frame for now, and easy to move around

I was not joking about the truck being a basket case, but new floor pans

Already looking better

Start working on the firewall

Back to the frame, as you can see, it is a family project

C-Notch & Boxing Plate

Rear End Mounted on top of Springs
8" Ford Maverick
Used '68 Corvette Shocks

Fat Man Mustang II Cross-Member W/Tubular A-Arms Installed

Time to Mount the Motor
This is a Plastic Mock Motor & very handy to work with

Transmission Cross Member

Original Crossmember

Took Original Crossmember and made a Mount for the Brake Master Cylinder

Brake Master Cylinder installed on Mount

Finished Mounted to the Frame

Back of the Frame..................Front of the Frame

Off the frame, and back to the truck. Doors prepped & primed

Cab is primed & ready for paint

Look what I got for Mother's Day
Don't you think enjoyed shopping for me this year

Side by side, you can compare, same motor
Polished......................Black Anodized

Front & Rear View of the frame

Frame is ready for Cab

Beginning to look more & more like a truck
Noticed we installed the Aluminum Gas Tank by "Docs" under the bed between the frame

Taking a break and enjoying the Progress

Steering Column Chevy Van

Speakers "Rockford Fosgate" Double Speakers mounted behind grille on dash

Interior, Painted, installed Steering Column, Radio

Original Inner Fender Panels Installed

Dan and Emma are Sanding & Staining Wood

Bed is built & being used as Display for our Shows, couple of years
Front & Rear Post on the Bed is 1948-49, instead of the original 1951-52

Dan had to build the Air Deflector's

"Dillion Radiator" - 19" Tall X 27" Width
Dan built the Radiator Filler Panel

Display over, Bed is ready to go on truck

Truck Bed was ready and then I found these wheels "ET Fuelers"
Fell in love with them, so back to the bed for some tubbs

Center, Plaza Cut, Install Tubbs

Dan always undercoats Fenders, Protection on the Road, from Starburst dings
Truck had Fiberglass Fenders when it was first built, no other option
Dennis Carpenter Industries now making Steel Fenders

2 3/4" Wheel Tubbs
Now the wheels will work great

Now, the Wood has to be Measured, Cut, Groved, & Re-Stained for the Tubb Installation
All of that work, because I had to have those Wheels, I might be Dan's worst customer

Gas Tank Connection, used the Pop-Up Aluminum Cap

Finished for the Second time

Eliminated Tailgate Chains with Inside Latch & Cable (SS)

Bed Completed, Begin back on Front of Truck

Painted Grille & Installed
Love the Match of Wheels & Grille

Specialty Power Wipers Installed, Also Radio Antenna

Dash has Gauges Installed, Ashtray opens for one of the Air Conditioning Vents

These are 1937 Tail Lights, Had to be Shortened 1"
Re-worked, Brackets made

Tail Lights Painted (Same color as Grille), & Mounted

Truck coming together

Time to Mount the Seat

Back seat 2000 Dodge Durango

Headliner & Sunvisor's Original

Door Handles & Window Cranks Mounted

Eliminated Original Door Latch
Replaced with the Altman Easy Latch, Easy Install, Works Great

Underdash Panel
Air Conditioning Vents Installed

Tuff-n-Lastic Rubber Flooring
Part # 03-205-100
Rubber Cal 800-370-9152

Tach Mounted - 1940 Ford Steering Wheel - Interior Completed
Hidden Interior Light Mounted - Automatically Lights when door opens

Doors are mounted

Under Rear Sill
F-1 Roll Pan

Truck with Hood and ready to Enjoy!

Even have my own Parking Space

Driving in to my First F-100 Nationals


Street Rod Nationals
Louisville, Ky

Christmas present this year
Dan surprised me with this Trunk
Peggy Ann Truck Stop, Rockwood, Tennessee

Try to make long story short
My father lied about his age when he was 15 and joined the Army
Back then, they put them on a bus and took them to Boot Camp
The first stop was Peggy Ann Truck Stop
My father thought "Peggy Ann" was the prettiest name he had ever heard
And guess what, your right, my name is Peggy Ann
And did I mention I am from Tennessee
Orange had to be the Color of my Truck

My truck was even used in a Wedding
Rings on the Grille

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