In the beginning, empty paint room, bare frame, primered frame

California Cab, Primered, Painted by Dan Carpenter

Coil Spring Rear Suspension with 4 Link, TCI Sway Bar, 3"Custom Exhaust.

Custom Aluminum Gas Tank 22 Gallons. Fuel Filler hidden behind Tailgate.

Rear Bumper Brackets. No Holes in Rear Bumper.

Roll Pan molded for exhaust.

Underneath the frame.

Cab mounted onto the frame. Cab has been lowered 1".

Battery Tray.

Bed fitted to frame and ready for Jim Boruff in Maryville, Tennessee to Paint.

Wheels Budnik, Tires smooth no letters.

Running Boards fitted to the Fenders & Cab.

Dan made Radiator Valance Cover.

Hood Latch on each corner of the hood. Dodge Neon Trunk Latch.

These hoses are hidden under the inner fender panel.

Power Window Wires are hidden in the Door Hinge.

Armrest and door handle out of 1979 BMW. Really works good.

Underdash Panel.

Underdash panel with vintage air conditioner vents. Inside Glove Box.

Interior Tea Seat, fits very good. Red Leather, Red carpet, & White Headliner.

Classic Instuments, special order silver with red.

Motor has been installed. It is a 502 Big Block Chevy. Crate Motor.

Custom Inner Fender Panels. 502 Chevy - Crate Motor.

Bed is 2" Wider. 2 3/4" Tubbs. Metal Floor. Front Box Panel Finish.

Tailgate 2" Wider, Custom Smooth, Taillights special machined, LED lights.

Almost Finished.

First Show. F-100 Nationals. Interior not quite finished.

At the Nationals, Louisville, Ky 2009.

Finally Finished and Enjoying so much!!!

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